One small step

a view to a thrill

On my way to see I found instead a place to be all of me at once…something happened at this point in time…is it love or indifference? I don’t know and I don’t need to anymore I am full and want for nothing more………ain’t life grand?


The discovery of Ardis Blythe

To begin with, once out on the road as the bass player with a cajun/country band we were in a little town near Waverly, Iowa and I went in a second hand store to look around and I found an old tweed suitcase. I thought it’d make a good case for cables so I bought it for a quarter and took it back to the hotel. When I opened it up I saw the liner had come unglued so I started to fix it. I peeled it back to reglue it and in crude black crayon was scribbled the name “Ardis Blythe” I then and there started to create this character in my mind and soon he became my blues persona….I started to use this character in a bluesman role, like signing this name when a club owner paid us with a check…or when I closed down the bar playin’ the blues after a gig up until last call and the bartender locked the doors…this blog will be the continuing story of Ardis as he goes back to discover his roots and hopefully, his home….